lördag 14 december 2013

Investera som Tomten

Här är en länk till ett inlägg jag tycker passar in vid denna årstid.

Santa’s Dividend Stock Portfolio

He's checking it twice
He’s checking it twice
Santa has a busy day coming up. But during the rest of the year, he is semi-retired other than the time he spends keeping up his list of naughty and nice children.  I hear that’s a much easier task now with his new iPad app. Like all great managers, he has hired a team of diligent employees to make the toys that he delivers to the well-behaved girls and boys, undoubtedly leaving him more free time to maintain his dividend stock portfolio.  As a North Pole resident, Santa is not required to report his holdings to the SEC, so we can only speculate on what they are. Knowing what I know about Santa, here is the list of companies that are most likely in his Christmas stocking.

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